Home Hacks that you would love

    Many a times, you don’t get the opportunity nor do you have the budget to give your house a complete makeover. But here are some things you could look into, for a better utilization of space.


1) Creating zones in your living room

    Many houses have large dining cum drawing areas, and lesser personal space. With the result, the TV has to be placed in the drawing room (read: living room) itself. Thus making it a ‘Den’, like the Americans call it. However, if you have some extra space, and don’t really want to partition the areas, you could use different flooring as a demarcation. Your living space could have a wooden laminate, and the formal area could have an off-white tile/ marble flooring or could be carpeted.
You could also create a small step to separate the areas.
Another way of creating zones could be different lighting.

2) Space hacks in Bedrooms

    A lot of times, Bedrooms are so small that there is barely enough space round the bed, to walk around. One Space hack could be, to create a thin vertical rack on the bed sides, instead of bed side tables, to stack books or other utility/decorative items.


3) Making Bathrooms look larger
    One of the best ways to make a small bathroom look larger, is to install a large horizontal (or full length if you may) mirror, on the wall without any fittings.

You may also want to add a dimmer to your light fittings, to make it feel larger.