Light Up Your Home, this Festival of Lights

Diwali is all about lighting. If you are planning a home makeover this season, then lighting should be something you should upgrade. Here are some tips you could use to light up each room:



Kitchen lighting should not only be practical, and functional, it should also be jazzy especially if you have an open kitchen.

  • You must go for fixtures that are easy to clean as Indian cooking leads to a lot of greasy deposits around the kitchen.
  • With Indian cooking, you may want to ensure recessed lighting is used a little farther from the stove, as cleaning recessed fixtures is a task.
  • Under-cabinet lighting provides direct illumination of kitchen work surfaces, and are out of sight!
  • You could also use Pendant fixtures over areas you use a lot.



Living Room Lighting

  • If you have a TV in this room, you need to ensure that the lights don’t reflect on the TV’s surface, else it will hinder your viewing
  • Recessed lights work best in this room
  • You may want a mixture of directional LEDs or focus lights and ambient lights here. Focus lights to highlight artifacts and ambient lights to create am¬†ambiance



Staircase Lighting

  • Another great application for LEDs is stair lighting. Install an inexpensive LED stair lighting kit to guide you down safely in the middle of the night, and also because it makes your stairwell look really cool.



Dining Room

  • Ensure that the lighting focuses on the eating area or the food. You could use a pendant fixture or two to illuminate the dining table for this purpose.
  • You could also use inexpensive LED rope lights. these are extremely versatile. They give a nice festive and homely look to any space they are used in.




  • Ensure the lighting is relaxing.
  • A combination of recessed lighting and directional lights are needed if you read a lot and have a study table in the room.
  • Ensure the dresser has a good task right as well as reasonable ambient light. So that the face is well lit when you stand in front of the mirror.
  • Ceiling lights in front of or inside wardrobes are a good idea.


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Simple tips to get the lighting for your home, right.

Proper lighting can truly brighten up your life. But most of the time we give it least priority. In this blog, we will take up some simple tips to light up your home and life, well.

Why do we need lights?

Apart from making things visible, lights tone up the aesthetics and ambiance of the house.

It’s important to set goals for the lighting needs of each room in the house. Determining these goals will help you get the correct lighting.

Summing it up, lights of each room must set a mood to help you with the work that room is meant for.

While you plan your lighting break it into these three criteria

  1. Task light
  2. Ambiance or Show light
  3. Generic lights
Task light2
Kitchen task light

Task lights

Task lights, as the name suggests, help serve a specific purpose, these are generally placed near shelves in the drawing room, kitchen, dressing rooms, on top of paintings, etc.

Task lights also include the safety lights that will helps you walk at night.

Ambient Light 1
Ambient ceiling lighting

Ambiance or show light

These are the decorative lights that hide behind false ceilings. Covered lamps that give our rooms a distinct look and the lights that highlight sections of walls or focus on a painting or sculpture again fall on this category.

These lights are usually planned during the construction process and it’s better to consult an interior decorator while planning them. If you are planning a ‘Do it Yourself’ project, just make sure if the light is itself a highlight or it is supposed to highlight something else.

Generic Lights
Generic Lights

Generic lights

These are the lights that you cannot do without. These lights flood the room with light. Efficient led lights are a good option for this purpose.

As we talk about lights we must also make sure that we are optimizing daylight. As a simple tip, tint your west side windows a bit more than others.

Hope you liked the simple ideas on deciding and planning lighting for your home.