Bathroom Designs: Your Basic Product Buying Guide

Gone are the days when bathrooms were the most neglected spots in the house. Now days, one can notice a paradigm shift in the way most basic utility items are being designed and offered within a reasonable budget. Bathrooms are a place for relaxation and rejuvenation; they are zones where people spend much needed ‘me’ time. If you are planning to renovate your bathroom, here’s a quick primer on some of the major bathroom fittings out there today. It’ll help you start to figure out what kinds of products you like.

Sinks or Washbasins

  • Bowl or Vessel Sink: These stylish sink bowls are placed on the counter, and give a simplistic uncluttered look to the bathroom.

Bowl or Vessel Sink

  • Corner Sink: These sinks help maximize space in small bathrooms, and bring corners to good use.

Corner Sink

  • Vanity Top Sinks: These sinks have a sunken bowl and are available in different shapes eg: Circle, Oval and Rectangle etc.

Vanity Top Sink Circle

Vanity Top Sink Oval

Vanity Top Sink Rectangle


Toilet / WC / Commode

While you can certainly find some fancy WCs in our earlier blog post, here are some neat and simple ones you wouldn’t have to hunt for.

  • Wall Mounted WC: The biggest advantage of having a wall-mounted WC is that you can adjust and install it basis your height and comfort. Plus, water and dirt doesn’t stagnate in the crevices.Wall Mounted WC
  • Concealed Cistern WC: Most of the latest WC designs involve a concealed cistern, housed in the wall behind.

Concealed Cistern WC

  • Conventional WC: Even the conventional WCs come in sleek and modern designs to add to the simplicity of the bathroom.

Regular WC

Bath Area

  • Bathtub: Soak in luxury today with the perfect tub for your bathroom. A decorative bathtub can be the centerpiece for any bathroom. A tub shower combo also offers the luxury of both together, if you do not have the space for a separate shower area in the bathroom.


  • Jacuzzi: Jacuzzis are wonderful stress relievers and they take relaxation to a whole new level. You can easily soak in your worries in the Jacuzzi, feeling fresh physically and mentally.



  • Shower Enclosures: They are quite beautiful and can even be custom made to meet your requirements. The best part of shower enclosure is, it keeps the rest of the bathroom floor dry as the water and steam stay inside.

Shower Enclosures

  • Open Bath Area within the Bathroom: Open Bath Areas are best for small bathrooms, as they make the bathroom look spacious and add versatility and visual aesthetics to it.

Open Bath Area

Shower Fittings

  • Shower head: Most of these have water adjustment options. If you want a hard jet or a soft drizzle, just turn the shower head and get it going.

Shower Head

  • Hand Shower: Most shower panels have an option for hand showers too, for a comfortable bath.

Hand Shower

  • Rain Shower: Experience the Sensation of Soothing Rain with a rainfall shower head. You can make every shower a luxurious spa-like experience with these.

Rain Shower

  • Ceiling Shower: This is the next generation showerhead that literally looks like a chandelier for your bathroom.

Ceiling Shower

There are a lot more options available for bathrooms these days. While we will keep updating this list, do share any others that come to your mind.