From Toilet Seats to Technology Thrones

Some of us sit on elevated thrones, while others squat above holes. Some of us cleanse ourselves with dry paper, while others employ a nearby pitcher of water. But then, there are some, who are way ahead, the Japanese, to be precise, who spend those crucial minutes enjoying the best customised experience, on seats powered with different kind of spray guns, music, and sound effects.
Take a look at these images. Who’d believe these are regular toilet seats in Japan. We’d rather call them as ‘The Real Game of Thrones’

Carbon Fibre Structure Built by Robots

Carbon, as we all know is one of the strongest materials in the world, much because of its covalent bonding between atoms. This chemical property makes it the strongest and the lightest material known to man kind (yeah diamonds are carbon compounds too). 
Take a look at this structure built by university of Stuttgart! Isn’t it amazing? Who’d believe that it was built by robots, but it was. Coming to the structure, you’d find that the more complexly woven the carbon fibers are, the stronger the structure will be The carbon fiber we are referring to here, consists of very thin filaments of carbon bound together with plastic polymer resin by heat, pressure or in a vacuum. The resulting composite material is both strong and lightweight.
Take a look at some fancy designs inspired by insects, here:


LiTracon a Concrete Material that Lets Light Through

Concrete by its nature is an opaque and sturdy material rarely used as a design element. But there is a re-emergence of exposed concrete in recent years and innovations in the types of concrete available to designers.

LiTracon is a revolutionary and ultra cool product which serves your insulation needs, without cramping the space and giving the space a unique visual appeal.

Take a look at their website to know more:

We hope to see this in India soon, let us know what you think about this product in our comments section.

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