Design Visualization for Your New Home


What is design visualization for your home?

Design visualization is an important part of any home interiors project today because it helps customers see what their space might look like before they start their project. No longer do you need to start your project blind, and discover that you don’t like it once its complete.

Options for home design visualization

Today there are a few different types of design visualization modes out there.

2D Home Views


These are the line drawings, or architectural drawings of your space that help you understand the dimensions and layout of your floor. They are also typically done for woodwork, such as wardrobes, modular kitchen, and TV cabinets.

3D Home Models

3D models are built to help you see your space in a way that’s as close to real as possible. It starts out as a 3 dimensional rendering of your space, on top of which layers such as walls, flooring, furniture etc. can be added. These models aren’t usually shared with customers because they require rendering software to be able to see and navigate through them.

3D Home Views

Given 3D models are complex to work with, usually designers and architects offer you 3D views of your 3D models. These can be thought of as snapshots or photographs of your virtual space, which you can print out if needed. Each view tends to be charged at anywhere from Rs. 2,000 – 5,000 or more depending on the modeling complexity of your space.

VR Home View

VR in design and architecture is relatively new, and is starting to change the way we visualize new spaces. Our 3D models serve as the starting point in a series of steps that then allow us to view our space in the VR world. Imagine putting on a VR headset and looking around every corner of your new room. What’s more, you can navigate (or walk) from room to room and experience every detail as if you were there.

Why does this cost money?

Visualization of your home requires a combination of design, modeling, and technology professionals to work on your space to give you the views you want. Additionally the technology systems to host these models, and view them (VR headsets) are also quite expensive. Therefore, someone charging you to see these models is not an unreasonable ask – it costs them money to produce. You can reduce the number of rooms you want to visualize to lower costs. However, in the grand scheme of things spending 2-3% extra to see your space before you invest all that money in redoing it is totally worth it at the end of the day.

How real is my image?

Visualization is not perfect, it is after all a virtual image/model that you’re looking at. The quality of renderings is constantly improving though, and sometimes its hard to even tell which one is real and which is computer generated.

Can you tell from looking at these two?

BR1Two BR1One

(The one on the right is real)

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