Feature wall ideas for your projects

Feature walls give your home character and are a great way to personalize a space. Common types of feature walls include textured walls, exposed brick, wooden paneling and wallpaper. Here are some tips on how to match your feature wall concept to the overall color palette of the room.

WARM COLORS: If you are leaning towards warm colors like red or yellow then an exposed red brick wall would work well, also a textured wall in orange or chocolate might be interesting.

NEUTRAL COLORS: If you are biased towards neutral colors then consider wooden paneling, other suggested options are whitewashed exposed brick or black and white wall paper.

COOL COLORS: For a cool color palette, with blues and greens, consider turquoise color wall paper or texture paint.

BUDGET TIP: For a feature wall on a budget, paint one wall in a contrasting color and place picture frames, mirrors and book shelves of varying sizes to create a feature.

NOTE: Make sure the walls are waterproofed before installing the feature wall so that it doesn’t get damaged with moisture.

Hope this gets you thinking about that feature wall for your room.