5 Cool Gadgets to make your Home Greener!


toto glass toilet

1) Toto Washlet Toilet

Who would have thought that a toilet could contribute this significantly to environment conservation! From manufacturing, to distribution and use, it conserves biodiversity, lowers carbon dioxide emissions and water usage and promotes waste recycling. One of the most intriguing parts of this toilet is a warm water faucet with pulsing and oscillating modes. Other features include a heated seat, automatic flushing, an energy saving timer, and a water saving dual flush system.


2) Droplet Sprinklers

Water sprinkler systems for the garden are known to waste a large amount of water! The droplet sprinkler is one of a few solutions that’s helping cut that wastage significantly, and also saving energy by combining robotics, with cloud services. It is known to reduce a garden’s water consumption by as much as ninety percent per year. All one needs to do is to attach it to the water supply, set it up using your smartphone, and then configure the device on the Droplet website to tell the system about the plants you have. Their vast data network takes over and tells the sprinkler when, where and how much water to sprinkle.


3) Ecoisme

Ecoisme is a single sensor, intelligent home energy monitoring system that tracks the energy consumption of all devices in your house. It then gives you recommendations on reducing energy usage. What’s fascinating is that it claims to be able to alert you about things like forgetting to close your fridge door, or leaving the iron on. Ecoisme was crowd funded through Indiegogo and is currently under development. I’m sure its being eagerly awaited!


4) Nest Smart Thermostat System

The Nest is one device you’ve probably heard or read about at some point. Typical thermostats are built within devices like air conditioners, and require you to manually program them to adjust the temperature each time. They, however, cannot sense people around. The Nest uses sensors and algorithms to understand who and how many people have entered or exited the house, and automatically adjusts the settings for you. So you’re no longer left worrying about whether you’ve turned off the AC or heating when you leave the house. Thus saving you money while offering plenty of convenience.

water pebble

5) Water Pebble

The pebble is a little stone that you place in your shower, and it helps you reduce your shower water consumption. It starts by baselining the amount of water you are using, and then day-by-day helps you bring down the usage by training you to use less water. It can bring you down to one third of your normal usage, thereby saving a fair bit in time.

While most Indian homes are probably not ready for all these devices just yet, we hope you enjoy reading about some of these cutting edge consumer products in the energy space. We can only hope that some of them hit our markets soon.

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