How to Reduce Your Electricity Bill by 25%

Energy Efficiency
With all the hullabaloo about Green Tech and Energy Conservation, carbon footprints, and all the smart and geeky sounding jargon, we decided to take some baby steps and speak to Arjun Gupta, about how he helps conserve energy in commercial buildings. What came out, were a bunch of interesting data points, insights and tips.
What Made you Start Smart Joules? 
Arjun: Quite Simple. The fact that we end up wasting at least 25% of energy consumed because of inefficiencies, saving which, would not only make energy available to those who need it most, but also save money for building owners and eliminate the need for constructing additional power plants.
So How Do You Actually Help Save Energy? What, in Layman Terms, Do You Do? 
Arjun: Smart Joules took birth with the realization that most companies prioritize running their systems at any cost, rather than optimizing their energy consumption to maintain the desired service levels. Even if companies know how to save energy, they typically lack the financial and/or human resources to be able to implement energy saving measures. That’s where Smart Joules comes in. We offer 360 degree solutions when it comes to saving energy. From evaluating energy requirement vis-a-vis consumption, to monitoring wastage, to evaluating the areas where wastage could be reduced, and installing our perceptive energy optimization systems, to financing the project, we do it all.
How Much Do Companies End Up Saving, Month on Month?
Arjun: Well, they end up saving minimum 15% and 25% on an average. For our customers, that means Rs 10,000 or more every day. Smart Joules charges a fixed percentage of the savings for a fixed period of time, typically five years.
How Does India fare, Basis International Standards of Energy Consumption?
Arjun: If you look at the Energy Performance Index of commercial buildings, India stands at250-300 kWh/sqm/yr, where as the international standard is around 150 kWh/sqm/yr.
So we are lagging far behind. 
Arjun: Yes.
Do you have any simple tips on how we could catch up? 
Arjun: Of course. Not going into the basics, using LED Lights etc…The first place to look is blocking air and water leakages, improving operations and following proper maintenance procedures. Keeping an explicit building energy manager within the maintenance team will go a long way, and will more than pay for the position. Low cost solutions such as painting the roof-tops white, or using reflective paint on the exteriors, helps in reducing air conditioning load. Importantly, using less Glass, in a country like India, helps remarkably. Glass wall exteriors end up creating a Green House effect, dramatically increasing the Air Conditioning costs.
In fact, Super Efficient Buildings can cut electricity costs by more than half.
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