Bathroom Designs: Your Basic Product Buying Guide

Gone are the days when bathrooms were the most neglected spots in the house. Now days, one can notice a paradigm shift in the way most basic utility items are being designed and offered within a reasonable budget. Bathrooms are a place for relaxation and rejuvenation; they are zones where people spend much needed ‘me’ time. If you are planning to renovate your bathroom, here’s a quick primer on some of the major bathroom fittings out there today. It’ll help you start to figure out what kinds of products you like.

Sinks or Washbasins

  • Bowl or Vessel Sink: These stylish sink bowls are placed on the counter, and give a simplistic uncluttered look to the bathroom.

Bowl or Vessel Sink

  • Corner Sink: These sinks help maximize space in small bathrooms, and bring corners to good use.

Corner Sink

  • Vanity Top Sinks: These sinks have a sunken bowl and are available in different shapes eg: Circle, Oval and Rectangle etc.

Vanity Top Sink Circle

Vanity Top Sink Oval

Vanity Top Sink Rectangle


Toilet / WC / Commode

While you can certainly find some fancy WCs in our earlier blog post, here are some neat and simple ones you wouldn’t have to hunt for.

  • Wall Mounted WC: The biggest advantage of having a wall-mounted WC is that you can adjust and install it basis your height and comfort. Plus, water and dirt doesn’t stagnate in the crevices.Wall Mounted WC
  • Concealed Cistern WC: Most of the latest WC designs involve a concealed cistern, housed in the wall behind.

Concealed Cistern WC

  • Conventional WC: Even the conventional WCs come in sleek and modern designs to add to the simplicity of the bathroom.

Regular WC

Bath Area

  • Bathtub: Soak in luxury today with the perfect tub for your bathroom. A decorative bathtub can be the centerpiece for any bathroom. A tub shower combo also offers the luxury of both together, if you do not have the space for a separate shower area in the bathroom.


  • Jacuzzi: Jacuzzis are wonderful stress relievers and they take relaxation to a whole new level. You can easily soak in your worries in the Jacuzzi, feeling fresh physically and mentally.



  • Shower Enclosures: They are quite beautiful and can even be custom made to meet your requirements. The best part of shower enclosure is, it keeps the rest of the bathroom floor dry as the water and steam stay inside.

Shower Enclosures

  • Open Bath Area within the Bathroom: Open Bath Areas are best for small bathrooms, as they make the bathroom look spacious and add versatility and visual aesthetics to it.

Open Bath Area

Shower Fittings

  • Shower head: Most of these have water adjustment options. If you want a hard jet or a soft drizzle, just turn the shower head and get it going.

Shower Head

  • Hand Shower: Most shower panels have an option for hand showers too, for a comfortable bath.

Hand Shower

  • Rain Shower: Experience the Sensation of Soothing Rain with a rainfall shower head. You can make every shower a luxurious spa-like experience with these.

Rain Shower

  • Ceiling Shower: This is the next generation showerhead that literally looks like a chandelier for your bathroom.

Ceiling Shower

There are a lot more options available for bathrooms these days. While we will keep updating this list, do share any others that come to your mind.


7 Kitchen Design Ideas to Best Utilize Your Space

A kitchen reflects your personality and style. Want to know how organised a person is? Just take a look at their kitchen.

The one common grievance everyone has at home is that ‘there isn’t enough space’. Thanks to innovations in kitchen design, today we have a number of kitchen hardware options in the market that help us organize ourselves and also save space. If you’re designing a new modular kitchen, or renovating your old one here are some tips for you.

  • Pull Out Cabinets– Pull out cabinets organize, de-clutter and help utilize every inch of your cabinet space. You can easily access 100% of your cabinet space without kneeling or stooping, and also get heavier items from your cabinets with minimal effort. It’s best to place pull out cabinets below the kitchen counters and push up cabinets overhead, to make things more accessible and provide better ergonomics of working within the kitchen.pull out cabinet
  • Corner Sink/Wash Casket– The kitchen corner is often the toughest space to utilize, whether its inside the cabinets or on top of the counter. A corner kitchen sink, though often more expensive than a straight one, can be a good way to utilise the corner. Corner sinks are now being manufactured in India by brands such as Nirali, and are easily available. Corner sinks also add a unique visual appeal to your kitchen.


  • Magic Corners– Magic corners have also made a significant impact on how corners are used, these days. With these circular shelves pivoting around a rod, all you need to do is swivel, and things kept at the far end come to the front. There are L-Shaped variations to these as well, wherein the front part is pulled out and a side shelf magically appears.

Magic Corner

  • Dish Drying Cabinet– Having a dish drying rack over the sink makes life very convenient as the water falls into the sink straight. The rack can be concealed with a wooden front cabinet cover, like the rest of the shelves in the kitchen, so that it blends with the rest of the kitchen design. Thus the utensils can be dried without making the Kitchen look cluttered and compromising the design.

Dish drying rack

  • Piped Gas (Instead of cylinders to save on space)- If you live in an area where gas pipelines are available, you may want to consider getting a connection as it saves on space and is safer to use. However, if you don’t have that option, you could create a rack outside the house, to place the cylinders and connect it to your burner via a pipe.
  • Drawer Systems/Organizers– What could be more delightful than finding the potato peeler exactly when you require it? Modern kitchen drawer fittings transform cluttered drawers of cutlery, cooking spoons,or snacks, into an organizers delight!There are also plenty of attachments that can help you organise your pots and pans so you don’t have to sift through 10 of them before finding the one you’re looking for. Imagine the difference this could make to your cooking routine.

modular cutlery drawer

  • Wine Glass Holders– Keep your stemware protected and sorted using a Hanging Wine Glass Rack. The rack, which is easy to install, is placed on the ceiling of the cabinet and helps save shelf space the glasses would have otherwise taken up. If you’re wondering, these attachments are fairly easy to clean as well.

Wine Glass Rack

We will keep updating this list from time to time, to help you organise your kitchen better. In the interim, do share your ideas with us in the comments section.

Update 16 feb 2019

Here are some more innovative ways to maximize storage efficiency in your kitchen.



Add hooks to any free areas to create hanging space for your pots and pans. This might be under the top cabinets or above the window.



Use the tops of your cabinets

Put rarely used crockery and cutlery into fill-up bins and store them above your upper cabinets.



Put in a shelf above your window

Window walls are usually wasted, add a shelf to make the most of the space.


Add shelves to your splash wall

Use the space between above and lower cabinets to store glasses and other small containers.

Hope you find these tips useful, we will be back with more shortly!

Be sure to leave your comments and suggestions.